In a complex world like ours that is so globalized, Xuhong Shang is not interested in portraying specific elements and stereotypes. He hope to create a general atmosphere that the viewer can feel. He believe every viewer has his or her own way to explain the relationship between the true and the false, the real and the imaginary. The idea of coexistence between the tangible and the intangible in the art making has inspired him, and he is exploring the uncertainty of reality.

This series is centered toward current global concerns and exploring the struggle between imagination and reason. The ambiguity in his work expresses the uncertainty of reality, which we ourselves have caused. Our conscience has grown accustomed to creating labels for the things around us, – building the society we live in today, as well as provoking a sense of aloofness. Such as the “FAREWELL” video was made with the intention of being projected onto a wall or screen, creating the illusion of a smashed white glass wall. The ripped up images scattered arbitrarily across the wall capture an ambiguous future, accompanied by a mix of emotions, – indefinite answers to indefinite questions.  The images of the “FAREWELL” are distorted by white and gray colored shapes, stimulating the meaning of the original background to be seen as obscure. This obscurity reflects the emotional uncertainty the many have experienced following tragic events around world. The feeling of uncertainty has become a phenomenon, and has ultimately distorted our perception of reality.

在这样一个多元及國际属性更为广泛及浓厚的时代中商徐宏并不刻意寻求特定的文化元素与面具, 他更注重观众在作品中的体验过程及感悟。他希望提供给观众一个氛围去感受, 每一个观众都有自己的阐述, 当面对幻觉与真实, 现实与虚似. 这种不确定性也正是我们所面临的挑战.  

白色或黑色的物体占居在機場的空间之中, 使得機場的圖像變得扭曲,因為扭曲而使得原有的背景狀態變得更為混沌,以至呈現出某種含意,這種表達情緒的不確定性是当今世界恐怖事件不断发生的延續,并最終扭曲及顛覆了人們對現實世界的感受. 去机场及旅行己成为一种忧心忡忡的选择. 这种带有侥幸心理的社会状态已成为当今世界一种广泛的社会现象。

这种模糊及混沌是表达对现实的不确定性, 这种不确定性是由我们自己所构成的。事實是我們的意識給予了事物的名稱, 制造了距离感, 創造了世界為我們所生存. 我們所謂的“重要及關系” 以及“現實与意象”其實都基于現實所制造的使人信服的框架之中并且在我們的思維中突現, 而且也源之于我們各自的文化背景及想像.就像在生活中常常會遇到的有些事物發生時會提醒我們這种精心設計的框架就有著肥皂泡沫般的持久性.