Installation Series: Since 1989 Xuhong Shang has produced an ongoing series of installation works that has explored paradoxes of representation and reality. The fact is that our conscience has created names to label the things around us and our perception of the world is filtered through cultural lens. At the same time these superficial and subjective constructions help represent the world around us. However, they have also blurred the line between reality and these subjective constructions.  With the objects and images that appear on the shelves and the ground, the installation depicts this indistinguishable line between representation and reality. While the installation seems to meticulously represent the natural world, it also beckons us to think the contrary—that what we perceive as reality is, in the end, an illusion that we have erected with our own minds.

裝置作品: 自從1989年起, 商徐宏一直在繼續制作裝置作品. 作品表達了意向与現實的矛盾及沖突. 事實上是我們的意識給予了事物的名稱, 製造了距離感, 創造了世界為我們所生存. 同時我們所謂的“重要及關係”以及“現實及意向”其實都基於首先是所製造的使人信服的框架之中並且在我們的思維中實現. 而且也源之於我們各自的文化背景及想像. 但是,這種意向與現實及主觀與現實所構成的界限也是模糊不清的. 在裝置作品中當物體及圖像呈現在木架上或者圍繞於室內的牆角板四周. 作品描述著這種意向與現實之間所無法界定的感受. 作品似乎在精心地呈現自然世界的境觀,同時也在激勵著觀者去思考及對比,我們感受似乎是現實的,但最終是一種幻覺及意向在我們的思維中作用著.

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                                       UP IN THE AIR 未知                                                       CITY ON SHELF 遠景
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                                        POND SERIES 池塘                                                       HORIZON 地平線                                                    \
                                                                                    1 (1)
                                                                                   LANDSCAPE ON TABLE & LANDSCAPE ON SHELF