Completed in 2010, this painting series illustrates a stark contrast between the elegant moon and the abrupt cuts on the canvas. This contextualized dichotomy presents a tension that reflects the sense of urgency in environmental concerns and the political competition derived from the 20th century space race. Ultimately, human endeavors, such as these, have stripped Mother Nature of her serenity.

月光系列完成於2010年. 作品在破碎的畫布上描繪了具象的月亮及手寫的英文記事痕跡. 使充满詩情的月光与撕破畫布的粗暴之間產生張力. 作品所表現的
是一種語境上的分歧及危機感在這個自然環境充滿憂慮及政治挑戰所引起的空間競賽的時代. 最終, 人類的種種挑戰及努力將剝奪自然界的寧靜與和平.