Stated in 2010, this acrylic-based painting series presents abstract images to bridge the viewer’s expectation and experience. Diluted acrylic is applied on the back of the canvas, allowing the paint to naturally permeate the canvas. This presents an abstract visual that is both visually elegant and spontaneous. These two qualities mirror the Taoist concept of non-doing, in which one comes into harmony with universe by behaving naturally.

“几乎”丙稀顏料画系列开始於2010年. 組画運用了經過稀釋的顏料直接塗在畫布的后背,經過滲透及流動使畫布的正面呈現出抽象的現象, 在視覺上是自然形成并具有動感. 所產生的效果能與觀眾互動及視覺共鳴,並運用了觀眾個人的經驗及期待使每個觀者獲得不同的視覺感悟. 這種表現手段也體現了道教所提倡的理念: 無為而為, 自然天成.