Started in 2005, this painting uses simplicity, depth, and varied tones to portray scenes that seem to leap out from the canvas. As the name implies,
this work is an aesthetic of reduction, eliminating elements to the bare minimum. The result is a visual experience that resides between the vast epic that overwhelms and the atmosphere that draws the viewer in.

瞬息系列是商徐宏于2005年開始的油畫系列. 他在此系列中試圖達到一种具有深度性但又具有原始的簡洁性. 以迫使觀眾在畫面前必須很努力地去尋探即將發生并隱育著的場景及不同層次与色調所暗示的意念. 就象作品名稱本身所含的意念. 商徐宏的作品是基于在畫面上限制了許多不必要的東西和符號以達到一种視覺的极簡. 畫面的气氛把觀眾帶入其中, 以期使觀眾的視覺感受及經驗存在于一种宏偉的史詩之中.